About Me 

How this all started...

I’ve been coaching for the most part of my adult life.

 If I saw someone struggling, weighed down or unhappy my instant reaction was to help them to find the silver lining, to help them wade through the fog to find clarity and actionable steps forward one small step at a time.

Throughout my life, family, friends, colleagues and even strangers have turned to me looking for a way forward, a way out, a better way to manage themselves and their lives. It was privilege to be allowed in to help create a more positive outlook and find ways forward. Progress was everything.

But, you would never have guessed I suffered from low confidence. Why? Because I was great at masking it. I was like a chameleon, adapting to everything around me and somewhere along the line, I lost my own identity. I was a people-pleaser, a giver, a high-achiever who raced to serve every person’s needs - but often to my detriment. Doing this left me burnt out, unfulfilled and exhausted.

Almost accidentally, I approached a coach and my journey began. It was epic. Insight after insight.


Change after change. At times I couldn’t keep up with the lessons I was learning. Each and every time I was amazed at the things I was discovering about myself. How could I have missed such obvious blind spots?

The term ‘pilot mode’ came up often. Thought and behaviour patterns surfaced and soon enough, with a gentle guiding hand, the small necessary changes began to take effect. These small changes led to big transformations in my life and my confidence levels.

During this time, I discovered a passion so deep within me, something I always had inside of me.


I knew I wanted to do nothing else than to help people transform their lives too. After years of personal development training, I knew people saw the same Hafsah but on the inside everything was different. All the “truths” I had convinced myself about how I was perceived, my life and especially my self-worth had changed. For the first time I felt a sense of authenticity, acceptance and connection to my true self.

My mission is to help others experience the same transition.


Now as a registered Confidence Coach and a strong dedication to study the field of personal development and human psychology, I work with women to regain control in their lives and to find appreciation in who they are and what they have, to discover and own their strengths, to find out what they truly want in life and together we identify and work through the steps to make that happen In Shaa Allaah. End result: A truly self confident woman who is genuinely grateful and appreciative for the life she has and what possibilities now lie ahead.


Hafsah Adham




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