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Breaking Barriers is for you if you feel worn out, overwhelmed by all the things you want to do, frustrated with life passing you by and not having achieved half of what you wanted.

If you feel weighed down by unhelpful thoughts like

"Everyone else is getting ahead... why can't I?"

and have disconnected from WHO you really are, this programme is designed for you.

During our sessions, I will give you both knowledge and action points (drawing in Western sources but all underpinned by Islamic principles ) to help you build self confidence to move towards the life you want, break free from what’s holding you back and to help you approach life with more enthusiasm, energy and self belief with a healthier mind, body and soul.

The 5-Part Proven Framework

You will experience the power of being a part of a private group of sisters, all on the same journey as yourself. Experience accountability, support and be championed every step of the way. The programme covers 5 key teaching modules:


Create a Positive Mindset

Understand how the mind works and how to develop a positive mindset.


Discover The Real You

Know your authentic identity, strengths and stand with confidence.


Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Identify and clear beliefs that are holding you back.


Create Your Life Vision

Get clear on your passion and purpose and take action towards it.


Self Care

Explore ways you can boost your overall health and productivity.

Each module will include theory, discussion points and reflective exercises with takeaway strategies to test out and will be followed by bi-weekly group coaching sessions and a WhatsApp group community where you will have the opportunity to be coached by me to discuss progress and challenges.




This programme is for you if...

  • A lot of your time, energy and focus is spent on negative thoughts
  • You feel past events hold you down
  • You feel drained, overwhelmed by all the things you want to do, frustrated with life passing by and not having achieved more or progressed
  • You feel a lack of clarity and direction in life
  • You don't know what your self worth, value and strengths are anymore
  • You're always on the go, busy but still feel unfulfilled at the end of the day
  • You feel you lack confidence to take action or speak up
  • You feel disconnected from life, people and even yourself
  • You feel guilty about giving yourself time, priority or pursuing your own goals
  • You know you want more but you're not sure of how to get it or if you should even try.
  • You feel disconnected to your lord and desire more focus, peace and contentment in your regular acts of worship.

See What Our Members Are Saying...

This is a tried and tested programme with proven results


Here's What Others Say...

This is a tried and tested programme with proven results




I am finding the training beneficial because I can notice that I have become more enthusiastic about achieving my personal goals. I have suddenly gained a strong urge to achieve and I know that I can InshaaAllah do many things. I am having to stop myself though from taking on too much: I'm trying to be realistic as my health needs are important (I get drained quickly). I honestly never in my life felt like this, I didn't have any confidence to achieve goals. I didn't think I could do it. At the minute I'm working on my career and how I can get into something that I would love to do. I want to do so much!! But I know I have to take small steps. I have actually started to take the steps and the feeling is amazing. I don't want to stop. JazakAllahu khair for the huge support you have giving me. You are very gentle in your approach but yet so inspirational in how you push us. Love for the sake of Allah




I found the breaking barriers program very insightful so far! It is very focused on taking responsibility for ones own way while relying on Allah. The coaching is done In a way that is very encouraging, individualised for each person in the group and still enabling each others support. I signed up, because I felt I needed a boost and specific recommendations to get out of a rut that I found myself stuck in. Not only did Hafsah deliver a great programme but through her way and the sisters support on the group I felt so much more positive quickly. It was very empowering by digging deeper and helping us understand the importance of our own contributions to happiness and our God given potential and I would definitely recommend it to others 🙂 Hafsah will help you to help yourself 😊




Breaking Barriers was a very inspirational experience for me. I became a more focused and confident person. Hafsah is a pleasant coach that helps you to develop a positive mindset through her rich and well-structured programme content. Working as a group provides a support structure for overcoming challenges, sharing experiences and learning from each other. I signed up for the programme because I wanted to improve my self confidence. Alhamdulillah with the support of Hafsah and the group I was able to achieve it. Hafsah is a wonderful coach who puts in her best at coaching. She exhibits immense concern and care for your progress. The programme was interactive and well structured. I will recommend this programme for anyone seeking to improve her confidence and self esteem.




I signed up as I had gone through so much over the last few years that I felt I was drowning and had to get help. This course was amazing. It managed to lift me up almost immediately. There were lots of practical exercises to follow, as well as handouts, and real life examples. The whole group thrived on each other. The whole atmosphere for the duration of the course was always buzzing. I gained confidence in my work and personal life, which in return has made me a very happy person. I thank Sister Hafsah for her amazing advise, patience and practical tips for me to beable to put the past behind me and move on. I would highly recommend anyone who is stuck in a rut or need positive encouragement in any areas of their life. Alhumdulilah I feel so blessed to have been part of the May 18 group.



I’m learning a lot on this journey about how to tackle my issues and look at them from another perspective. Sister Hafsah is extremely good at understanding my problems and helping me to view them in different ways and providing guidance in how to find solutions to resolve them . Also it is good to know there are others who have some similar issues and I am not alone.


Emergency Responder


Let me tell you this is the best investment you will EVER make!

SubhanaAllah I have just completed module 5 and I can tell you I am a changed person! I am happier, content and most importantly and I have reconnected with my creator! How beautiful is that? I was so lost before joining this course I was bitter and confused

before joining and I made duaa in Ramdaan for guidance and for change and a few months after someone told me about sister Hafsah’s programme. It was the best life choice I have ever made. I am so so so grateful to Allah for blessing me with this opportunity. I am grateful He chose me out of the trillions of people that walk this earth subhanAllah Thankyou Allah.

Hafsah is a blessing from Allah. She is truly special, kind, calm, caring, genuine, and sincere. Her sincerity shines through and due to this you can feel barakah in each session. I was very emotional on the last module. It hit me how far I have come in 5 months! If you want to change and you are ready for change then this is for you. Be prepared to dig deep and be prepared for making a change. This course is full of deep reflections and accountability and what I love most is how Hafsah brings Islam into everything it makes everything so much more meaningful and essential to our day to day living. Allah is so merciful and we are blessed to have people like Hafsah in this world! She is not judgemental, she is understanding, she is funny, and she cares! I could go on and on but I better stop. Join the programme, you will not regret it! May Allah make our paths to change easy and bring us all closer to Him and may we grow into the best most productive dedicated servants of Allah Ameen xxxxx




This course was life changing and is still transforming me as a person, alhamdulillah. It really did break down those barriers. Module 1 allowed me to liberate myself from the negative thoughts, and has opened up opportunities because I have a complete shift in what I tell myself and what thoughts I listen too. I was in denial about making excuses in my life for lack of progression, I was result orientated and not enjoying the journey, but that all changed when taking this programme.

MashaAllah, I feel renewed and have the right growth mindset to move forward. I have reconnected with my authentic self and tapped in to who I was and who I want to be and essentially living it now to who I am, Alhamdulillah. The self care unit was the cherry on the top with the best part being the guilt of self care is now thrown away. From the beginning, we are immersed into having self compassion for ourselves, this was a barrier I knew I had but completely underestimated the harm it had on me. And now alhamdulillah [self care is] a focus I have to enable me to grow in a healthy and authentic way.

Doing this programme in a group setting was a blessing, being on a journey with such amazing sisters allowed me to not to feel alone in the struggles I was facing and the support was priceless. But I must say, What I learnt and how I transformed, by the blessing of Allah, was through sister Hafsah, mashaAllah. Hafsah is a gem in our ummah, mashaAllah, tabarakAllah. I have never felt such a safe, non judgmental, caring person support me through this journey, remind us of our intentions and re-connecting us to our true purpose in life.

This isn't a testimonial for the sake of writing one. I write this to any sister experiencing the same struggles I was before, hoping that you too take this life changing opportunity, inshaAllah.




Hello, my name is Linda and I'm a qualified teacher in the UK. I came across this course in a very hard moment of my life. Hafsah allowed me to see things clearly and with calm. She is an asset for the Muslim community and we do need more people like her in our community. 




My deepest gratitude to  Hafsah for allowing me to take part in the BB course which happened at the right time in my life. Alhamdulillah I would recommend the course to everyone I know. In particular, I enjoyed the course very much as unlike other self help/mindfulness courses this course has Islam as its main focus such as for example: tawakkul.



I am so very glad that I came across this course at a very low point in my state of mind. The feeling of overwhelm was acute on a daily basis when I first started the course. Hafsah has designed this course, every module, to produce a complete shift in perspective, and to teach and remind us that the tools to tackle our challenge are at our fingertips, and we only need look within. There is a deep focus on little consistent steps, building habits, and being mindful of the process which has put me in a far healthier space. I can truly say I am more content than I was a few months ago, more comfortable in my skin and more receptive of what the world has in store.



For so long I struggled with my faith and processing the trials I've gone through. I used to be a very reactive person, which led me to be very angry and on edge. I didn't understand how to establish boundaries with loved ones. I didn't even know if it was right to do so. One random day I made dua for Allah to help me figure out my path and within the next day or two I was connected with Hafsah. I am by no means perfect and I still haven't narrowed down what it is that I would like to do in the near future with my career and life. But some part of me feels healed. I feel like I was so emotionally drained and hard on myself I couldn't even think about the future. After attending the course and learning so much about Allah's Love and Mercy, the importance or even the amanah of self care, and learning the tools to not be reactive I truly feel that I am ready to tackle the next part of my life. I am excited for growth instead of scared of it. And that is really freeing alhamdulillah. 


What You Will Gain

Increased Self Confidence & Self Belief

Clarity on Your Strengths & Values

Freedom From Negative Thinking & Behaviour Patterns

A Journey of Self Discovery and Control Over Thoughts, Emotions and Actions

A More Positive Outlook

Better Relationship With Others

Clarity Around Your Passion & Purpose

Confidenct to Become an Action Taker

Connection with Your Creator

More  Focus in Your Worship

Calm, Patience and Resilence 

A Supportive Network of Sisters

Knowledge, Support & Inspiration from One Another Under the Guidance of an Expert Coach Offering Training, Tools & Strategies From an Islamic Perspective


Your Instructor & Coach


Led By: Hafsah Adham


Hafsah (the founder of The Confident Muslimah) is a Confidence coach, public speaker, community worker, entrepreneur and mum of 3 with a proven ability to help others find the best in themselves. She has years of experience in delivering talks, running workshops and coaching women around the world. She is most passionate about helping women be comfortable in who they are, to help them push past any barriers holding them back and to raise their self belief so they can take positive action towards their personal and professional goals with long lasting confidence.

What 'Breaking Barriers Online' Includes:

1. Two Live Group Training Sessions Every Month; 10 Total

Over the course of 5 months, you will be trained around 5 key areas designed to help you claim back control both on the inside and out and rise above any situation as your best self. This training is underpinned by the wisdom and principles from our Deen.

I’m not just handing you a recorded course and telling you to go through it yourself. Rather, this will be hours of LIVE class time and direct interaction with your course leader.

This is extremely valuable. Every class will happen on Zoom (live online video software). You'll have the opportunity to ask the instructor questions, interact with your fellow students, and so much more.

I have made these live sessions significantly lower than the average cost of working with a coach 1:1, so that more sisters can still benefit from doing the necessary deeper inner work and experience those real long term changes.

2. One Live Group Mastermind Session Every Month; 5 Total

Past attendees have found these sessions some of the most insightful, inspirational and powerful. During the masterminds, we will consolidate ideas, you will be able to work with me 1:1 to evaluate your progress from the last module and experience the power of the group. Just hearing everyone's journey, wins and struggles will help you realise you’re not alone in what you’re feeling.

You’re welcome to share only as much as you are happy to, whilst still benefiting from a very personal experience.

1. Lifetime Access To Entire Online Training & Coaching Session Recordings

You’ll have access to ALL 23+ hours of course recordings to give you the opportunity to go back at any time during or after to review the course content.

2. 6 Months Access To The Private Breaking Barriers WhatsApp Support Group With Direct Access To Hafsah And Fellow Members

As the saying goes, “You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

The environment you place yourself in can have a huge influence over you (both positive and negative).

I’m passionate about creating platforms of sisterhoods that are genuine, supportive but most importantly a space where you can feel championed and not judged. This private whatsapp group is one of the most loved features of this course :)

One of the most important aspects of learning is the members' interaction with the instructor and the members' interaction with each other. In this exclusive members-only group, you'll be able to have conversations and discussions with Hafsah as well as your fellow students from around the world, which students have fed back as being such a blessing Alhamdulilaah. The group also includes:

- Ongoing valuable support with a group of supportive, like-minded sisters who are all pursuing personal growth in one way or another

- Access to myself and other members feedback, support or for any Qs.

- Weekly short video exploring one of Allah's names and how we can live by that name.

- Mid-week support post and end of week gratitude post

3. Strategies And Homework (Practical Implementation & Application) In Between Live Group Coaching Sessions

We know, from our beautiful deen, that knowledge plus action goes hand in hand. For this reason, Breaking Barriers offers you both. This knowledge doesn’t need to be shelved, it can be tested out right away with the practical strategies given. I don’t want you to think of this as “another thing on your to-do list.” This is about liberating yourself from the thoughts and behaviour patterns that weigh you down. You can take it at a pace that suits you and trust that even just by raising your awareness around these concepts, life can instantly change - as it has for many who have joined before, by the Mercy of Allaah. 

4. Easy-To-Use Module Workbooks And Summary Poster

Each module comes with its own handbook and summary poster. You can print out the handbook to follow along and take notes and the summary poster is a great visual you can display to give you a quick reminder of all the key points covered.

5. 6 Months Access to Bi-Weekly Live Sessions 

Hafsah will deliver a live mastermind training on personal development topics (e.g. confidence building, resilience training, habits, goals etc). There will also be reflection exercises and occasionally other expert trainers will deliver topics so you can benefit from a wide range of resources.

There will also be a Live Shukr circle and Ask Me Anything Q&A / discussion sessions to discuss whatever you'd like i.e. your progress, your goals, your wins and struggles if you need advice on anything or just a friendly chat :) Previous members have found this to be one of the most life-changing aspects of the programme.

There is a buddy-up option as well for extra accountability

6. A Copy Of "The Muslimah’s 7 Step Guide To Breakthrough Confidence" Ebook

Immediately upon joining this programme, you will be given a free downloadable copy of my eBook: The Muslimah’s 7 Step Guide To Breakthrough Confidence. You will find this jam packed with information and practical steps to help boost your confidence. With this book, you can get started on this journey right away.


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